Meet Tina "T" Clark and the story of how Ms. Bailey come into her life and changed her forever.

After retiring from the Air Force I took a hiatus from life and tried to figure out how I could squash some of my demons I had obtained during my time in service. I wanted to be my best for myself and society.

I had recently lost one of my most beloved dogs and was truly feeling at an all time low. I knew this had to be a turning point. The VA, of course kept pushing pills and therapy but I decided the cure for me was to find another furry family member and quick. I only found myself feeling better when I was around animals. Most of the service folks I know, as well as myself are taught to “suck it up buttercup” meaning no complaints, whining or accolades.

A friend of mine Officer Dawn Higgins was the reason I came out of that very dark place. One day after my last rescue dog had passed she said "I'm coming to get you to go for a ride with me to a lady's house." She didn't give me a lot of information.

Ms bailey the rescue Beagle

As we pulled up I decided I didn't want to go inside. I sat on a chair on the porch to wait while Dawn went in. Soon the door flew opened and a beagle jumped in my lap. The rest was history! Ms. Bailey has been my inspiration!

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