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Our Mission

Tag A Pet For a Vet is a nonprofit created to rescue animals from local shelters, give them a forever home and at the same time provide comfort to Veterans who will benefit from having companionship.

Our organization was founded on the belief that instead of breeding more animals we utilize the perfectly good animals that we have in shelters to decrease the overpopulated issues and benefit Veterans with anxiety, depression or any other issues they may have. Stationed in SWFL in Bonita Springs, FL we will maintain a strong local presence, and have hopes that other organizations that believe in our mission will partner with us and continue to work towards the overcrowding and Veterans issues. We are a privately funded 501(c)(3) not-for-profit run by a disabled female Veteran.

Tag A Pet for a Vet mission “to promote companionship, reduce the number of animals in shelters and strengthen the human-animal bond.”

Our Story

Have you ever woke up and said I cannot mentally make it to work today?
Have you ever woke up and felt like your joints were on fire?
Have you ever felt like you could tell no one because you would be looked down upon and the only recommendation was a pill and that’s only if you could get an appt with the VA?
After retiring from the Air Force I took a hiatus from life and tried to figure out how I could squash some of demons I had obtained during my time in service. I wanted to be my best for myself and society. I had recently lost one of my most beloved dogs and was truly feeling an all time low I knew this had to be a turning point. The VA of course kept pushing pills and therapy but I decided the cure for me was to find another furry family member and quick. As this was the I only found myself feeling better when I was around animals. Most of the service folks I know, as well as myself are taught to “suck it up buttercup” meaning no complaints, whining or accolades. Military people dedicate their lives to our country and in return we are stuck with ailments, loneliness, disease, difficulty finding jobs, not being able to function in society, and trying to live on peanuts after years and years of dedication. I had a revelation that instead of sitting on my duff I needed to get up locate Veterans like myself that could feel better if they acquired a furry friend. Sometimes we may not be able to articulate the feelings we have but with the companionship of a rescue animal who understands the need to be touched and loved I believe there will be less anxiety and depression for Vets and decrease overcrowding in shelters.